Press review – february 13th

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« If the younger voters who are flocking to Bernie Sanders don’t share their elders’ intense feelings about needing to elect a woman president right now, it’s partly because Hillary Clinton helped create a different world. So no matter what comes next, everybody’s a winner. » – The New York Times

Millenial women feel they are being overlooked for leadership positions… Learn more here!

About women in top management positions : an increase in the share of women from zero to 30 percent would be associated with a 15 percent rise in profitability. Here some more facts!

Au El salvador, les autorités demandent aux femmes de ne pas faire tomber enceinte d’ici 2018. Cependant, l’avortement est passible d’emprisonnement dans ce pays. Plusieurs activistes redoutent une hausse significative d’emprisonnement de femmes. Pour plus d’informations, c’est ici!

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