About Us

Seize Your Future (S.Y.F.)  has been training the next generation of female leaders since 2005. By taking part in one of our programs, 15-21 year-old women hone their leadership and decision-making skills, as well as their social conscience, through:

  • Mentorship: the participants are paired with professional women who wish to share their experience and knowledge;
  • Three intensive weekend seminars staggered over one school year;
  • Individual community projects developed and executed by the participants;
  • Talks with current female leaders and networking opportunities.

Through its participants’ community projects, S.Y.F. impacts hundreds of individuals each year, in different communities around Quebec and Ontario.

Who should participate ?
 Independently of their age, participants are young women who:

  • Are socially involved
  • Have excellent school results
  • Want to develop their leadership skills
  • Want to positively contribute to society
  • Want to fully exploit their potential